Friday, February 26, 2021

Faye Webster pays homage to her indie roots in 'Better Distractions'

American solo artist Faye Webster was initially pigeon holed into the role of a new girl on the indie and folk music scene. But whilst she was enjoying the music she was making; she soon found herself growing tired of being restricted, and wanted to allow herself and her music to branch out into new territory and she wanted to explore new and different avenues of the musical world. 

Webster’s new single Better Distractions is an infectiously easy listening delight that not only pays homage to her indie style roots, but also incorporates a dreamy R&B lounge style that give the song an almost lullaby esque feel. It’s very much a song that listeners get lost in, there’s something about the soft vocals provided by Webster and the soothing melody of the song that just wraps you up in a little bubble of your own and takes you away without you even realising. 

The song sees Webster musing on the passage of time and the lack of interest she feels in most things and how most of her focus is taken by the thought and desire to be with the person she cares about. She shares her almost boring experience with everyday life and it’s lacking of excitement for her with lyrics such as ‘sit around until I find something better to spend my time, but nothing’s appealin’ and ‘I tried to eat, I tried to sleep, but everything seems boring to me’ even though there is a feeling of lacking and the passage of time and life, Webster’s sound is able to make it seem like it’s okay and that even if there is this passing by of life, there’s nothing wrong with that. 

The song is one that many listeners will able to empathise with as the feeling of life passing by and not being enthused or interested by anything is almost universal for so many during the current global pandemic and the song feels much needed because it’s able to not only express the feelings of so many but also let people know that this weird out of body not quite here feeling is okay and normal and the songs sound tries to make the situation feel was dark and bring an almost airy lightness to the strange feelings we experience in these moments of lacking. 

If you’re looking for a dreamy musical getaway that allows you to clear your mind and take a step back from reality for a little while then Better Distractions is exactly what you need. Webster’s free flowing sound and soothing vocals create a little moment of escape for listeners and especially in the current climate, we could all do with an easy, go to way of escaping the craziness of current life. 

-Georgina Shine


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