Friday, January 15, 2021


Three years after debut album Sweet Dreamer, Will Joseph Cook released his second album Something to Feel Good About

If you have previously listened to Will’s debut album which featured a combination of chill, pleasant and exciting sounds of teenage lives; this time around, Cook’s new album shows you a grown-up indie pop singer’s way of figuring life’s difficulties out. 


Something To Feel Good About tracklist: 


  1. Be Around Me 
  2. Something To Feel Good About 
  3. 10X MORE FUN 
  4. She Likes Me 
  5. Wayside 
  6. Driverless Cars 
  8. 21  
  9. Only If You 
  10. Boundary Street 
  11. Where Is My Heart? 
  12.  Last Year 


Starting with the sweet tunes of Be Around Me, Will tells a story of meeting someone new. The tune is filled with sunshine, joy, and feelings of warmth, it also makes you just want to dance wherever you are. 


The title track Something to Feel Good About, starts with the line of “You think you might have lost your job, but you don’t even like it”, and with its indie pop feel, this style of song is what Will has been known for, and with a similar vibe to the first song, it’s putting out positive feelings and makes you smile. 


Driverless Car was written by Will on his trip to Los Angeles, a track about hope(less) and no direction; the uplifting harmonies, west-coast guitar riffs and drum loop, my favourite track of the album! 


The album then turns towards more emotive  songs that you feel in your heart,  Down Down Down is track 7, and it also opens the second half of the album, by gradually introducing listeners into a moody and emotional situation.  


The track 21 marks Will’s experience of being at a young age, but also growing to adulthood, and his experience of gaining and learning which is shown in the songs intensity - “I dunno anyone who’s 21 and knows how to feel” – this lyric reveals the conflict of being young but aging, which is both heart-breaking but realistic in its meaning. 


Final track Last Year, is a reflection on the experience of previous years and toughness, but also giving hopes for the future. 


Will Joseph Cook’s new album can make listeners feel better and provide relief from the tough times of 2020. Even if you’re not an indie pop fan, the music in this album is still worth a save to your playlist, and is a great go to for a dance when you are feeling down. The first line of the album “Hey, hey, how was your day?” is just like the voice of a friend who asks how have you been lately, something that is always a comfort at any time.


There’s no doubt of Cook’s talent with music; and with the new album, his change in music and emotional level can be heard throughout, which also gives us a new vision of the Will Joseph Cook vibe we all know whilst giving a new exciting glimpse into his musical future. 



Eva Leung 


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