Friday, January 22, 2021

‘Seeking Thrills’ by Georgia – Album Review

Released in January 2020, Seeking Thrills is dance-pop artist Georgia’s second album, from indie giant Domino. Seeking Thrills peaked at number 24 on the UK Albums Chart and saw the multi-instrumentalist and producer named on the ‘BBC’s Sound of 2020’ list, as well as earning her a nomination for a Mercury Award.

‘Never Let You Go’ is the most notable single from Georgia’s sophomore album, scoring a number of syncs. Despite not charting on the UK Singles Chart, the song is still a wildly popular hit; due to its catchy bassline, arpeggiated synths and four to the floor beat that make it an instant dance classic. One section of note is the second verse when a synthetic choir is brought in for backing vocals. Without it, the track could easily be from a video-game soundtrack, however the choir gives it an interesting depth that almost haunts the lead vocal.

An interesting concept on the album as a whole is how it explores the different aspects of romantic relationships. One example of this is the track ’24 Hours’. Georgia herself has stated that the song was inspired by observing two strangers meet and experience an instant connection on a night out in a Berlin club with the instantaneous attraction demonstrated in the lyric “I felt my heart taken”. What is interesting about this song is how it follows the natural phenomenon of falling in love, against the backdrop of artificial sounds created by synths, technology and clever production techniques. One critique that dance music sometimes faces is that it can lack emotional gravity when compared with other genres, however with Seeking Thrills Georgia disproves this myth.

‘I Can’t Wait’ is another of the album’s songs that explores romantic relationships. We move past the exhilarating first meeting of ’24 Hours’ into the honeymoon phase, where Georgia “can’t wait one more year” to begin her love story. This song feels light and bouncy through a syncopated synth melody, creating the weightless, carefree atmosphere that the start of a new relationship brings which is described in the lyric “that feeling like no other”.

‘Ultimate Sailor’ completes the trilogy of this exploration of Seeking Thrills’ exhibition of love. ‘Ultimate Sailor’ is an out-and-out love song, the closest thing that the album has to being a ballad. Soft, electric piano is accompanied by sweet yet synthetic strings to conjure a dreamy landscape in the listener’s mind, as Georgia sings of “travelling the world” for the one she loves. On an album full of bright, high energy songs, there is the fear that ‘Ultimate Sailor’ could be lost amongst the noise, or simply not stand up on its own. However, this is exactly what makes you sit up and take notice of it. Where previous songs have shouted about love to the point of shoving it in the listener’s ears, this is a quieter but more serious declaration, in which Georgia unashamedly dedicates herself to the subject. The song is about the point in a relationship where you’ve had the initial excitement and butterflies, but still give yourself wholeheartedly to the other person and want to be with them.

My favourite song on the album, without a doubt, is ‘Ray Guns’. The track is a sonically exotic call-to-arms encouraging the listener to have fun - “we offer elation, a celebration”. The playful lyrics line up with an equally playful melody and the song packs punch after punch. Georgia’s performance on the track, in my humble opinion, shows off her vocal ability at its best. Her voice is full of personality, whether it be during the snappy, sharp verses or the more extended notes of the middle eight. Her tone cuts clearly through the mix and holds its own against instrumentation that could reasonably be described as busy.

Towards the end of 2020, Georgia released Seeking Thrills: The Ultimate Thrills Edition. Featuring all thirteen songs from the original album, this deluxe edition also includes several remixes by the likes of Danny L Harle and The Blessed Madonna, as well as a cover of Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’, further proving Georgia’s vocal chops. 2020 was undeniably a huge year of success for Georgia and I for one am excited to see what the future will bring for her.

Ellie Insley


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