Sunday, January 24, 2021


Saweetie and Doja Cat are here for the people in 2021 and uplifting friendships with their brand new anthem ‘best friend’. It is a collaboration we didn't know we needed, with two of the hottest female rappers in the game right now going back to back. Better yet, the fabulous duo put out an accompanying music video for the track where both model various glamorous looks.

‘Best Friend’ is a sneak peek into Saweetie’s upcoming new album ‘Pretty Bitch Music’ which is due in 2021. Saweetie lets her fans know that the album title came from her skill for making people feel empowered. She is keen for fans to be aware that ‘bitch’ is in no way negative. For her it means that you are  strong, hustling hard, independent and lifting others up. ‘Best Friend’ follows her recent track with Jhene Aiko titled ‘Back to the Streets’ which was co-produced by Timbaland who delivered some old school vibes.

Meanwhile Doja Cat seemed to go from strength to strength in 2020, and 2021 is looking like it’s going to be just as epic. Doja has recently been teasing her new beginning ‘Planet Her’ on social media where she has mentioned collaborations with SZA and Megan the Stallion. Beyond that what is in store remains a mystery, but one we can be excited for.

In ‘Best Friend’, Saweetie and Doja Cat share bars embracing each other's beauty successes and freedom; hyping each other up and showing friendship is key no matter what. The music video features the girls enjoying each other's company, dressing up in various complementary outfits. Aside from the clothes, it is hard not to take note of the diamond teslas and ‘everything icy, everything expensive’ as Saweetie quotes. 

One moment the rappers are throwing it down in the strip club, creating memories on a road trip. Throughout the music video the two stick by each other's side to show the world this is how you have a real friendship, which is an empowering message. Friendship is not a common theme in rap so it is good to see it becoming normalised especially by two passionate female rappers. Female rappers are often pitted against each other as if there is only room for one, but here Saweetie and Doja show us that every woman can do their thing in the industry and thrive without competition. 

Even though we are still living amongst the pandemic, this is a song that is more than ready to be played out loud in those zoom or facetime gatherings regardless. For now, singing to our besties back and forth through our screens is the closest we are going to get until we can hit the club to listen to this one. 

Seray Sulun

Insta: @sspetal


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