Thursday, January 21, 2021

Saff Juno shines a light on self-love in new 'December Daisies'

On this nostalgic-sounding track, Saff Juno encapsulates the importance of being your own hero. ‘December Daisies’, released in December 2020, is an elegant depiction of the importance of self-love, particularly in a year of isolation and loneliness.

The mellow introductory notes and folk-like guitar open a window into the mind of Juno, creating a warm, open feel, and taking the listener to an enchanted forest of the mind. This tone of serenity maintains throughout the song, depicting the place of love that Juno has found in herself, and though the journey of growth has been a tough one, in the opening line, she sings ‘I don’t need anyone to hold me’, very much establishing the atmosphere of the song.

The soft, delicate, almost whisper-like vocals accompanied by a refreshing guitar melody and a subtle, yet hauntingly present bassline demonstrate a beguiling truthfulness; Juno’s lyrics are raw and unfiltered, yet still manage to maintain an element of hope and comfort. There is also a certain aspect of duality in ‘December Daisies’; the desire to be independent when it comes to your own self-love, while it is simultaneously a truthful recollection of being unable to be permanently happy: ‘on the nights where I feel so alone’.  Saff Juno’s entrancing vocals present a well executed balance of the two. 

This beautifully honest, ambient track explores a range of genres, with its acoustic guitar, noticeably subtle and slightly funky bassline, and a lo-fi drum beat. It certainly has lo-fi indie vibes, yet wouldn’t be out of place on a classic 70s playlist. Saff Juno concludes with the repetition of the line ‘I don’t need anyone’, very much bringing an end to a journey of growth, and affirming to herself that she is comfortable in the place she is in now.

‘December Daisies’ introduces Saff Juno as an artist to watch; her addictive melodies will leave you humming the tune under your breath for the rest of the day. It is a perfect companion to anyone who finds themselves wanting to have more faith in themselves, while understanding that times of low-mood are what makes us human.

You can listen to ‘December Daisies’ on all major streaming platforms, and follow Saff Juno on instagram @saff.juno.

- Daisy Rought-Oram


Image: Screenshot from Youtube Saff Juno - December Daisies - YouTube

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