Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Liyathatgirl – We Gotta Talk

Liyathatgirl is an upcoming artist in the R&b/Soul genre. The single ‘We Gotta Talk’ was released in December 2020.

‘We Gotta Talk’ looks into relationships that have gotten complicated, the opening lyric “should I be missing you” sets the tone for the whole song. It places the listener in a mindset of being honest with one’s self if they are in this situation.

 In an interview with the artist, she stated: “there is a certain strength I wanted to capture that comes from realizing that and asking those questions”. The lyrics in this song are also able to capture the emotions of being disconsolate in a relationship. Liyathatgirl also told me that the song represents choice you can make in an unhappy relationship and it’s all about having that conversation. “It’s better to have that tough conversation and be happy at the end of the day than go on without confronting it”.


Acoustic instrumental and raw vocals really help capture the emotions being conveyed in this song. The guitar intro creates a tranquil atmosphere as the drums are later introduced. I think the drums represents hostility and tension that has been building up within the relationship. As tension builds instrumentally Liyathatgirl tackles tougher questions “do you think this is really working or are we happier alone?”.  Liyathatgirl temperate vocals help communicate the message is heartache ever worth it in a failing relationship.


‘We Gotta Talk’ is a good song overall that seems to tackle hard questions that should be asked in a relationship once things get tough. 

This song gets a solid 4/5 for its instrumental and great vocals. The song is one minute thirty-six seconds which makes the song short and to the point. It is also available on different music platforms such as iTunes and YouTube Music.



Yinka Olakanmi


Image: Liyathatgirl Soundcloud

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