Tuesday, January 26, 2021

False Heads debut album ‘It’s All There, But You’re Dreaming.’

The British band from London, False heads, released their debut album in March 2020. The album was released during a difficult time amongst the covid outbreak and has made history by containing a song which people played to get them through the pandemic.

The album is a bold statement piece; inspired by 70’s English punk bands and a hint of late ’80s and early 90’s rock. The album mixes and matches with modern-day rock but also unusually contains elements of garage. False Heads perfectly restore all of these sounds from across the ages of music culture for the younger generation to experience for themselves.

The album is not the just the regular rock album you might expect. if you can read between the lines, the songs can go into depth with hardships, distress suffering and addiction, with a slight faith and optimism which manages to keep listeners on their toes.

The songs come from aware descriptions of the experience of Luke Griffiths, Jake Elliott and Barney Nash. They have openly talked about their lives through their music since the beginning, establishing themselves in their musical journey. These three tracks have a crunchy bassline that keeps on humming; a solid sound which creates a real impact when listening to the songs. The vocals are fearless and ruthless with incredible vibrations overlapping the sound. This album can keep fans adrenaline going with the crashing drums and outlandish bass lines being able to parallel with the vocals. 

My personal favourites from the album are ‘’Slew’’, ‘’Steady on your knees’’ & Comfort consumption; the song ‘’Slew’’ does not sound too forgiving with its storming melody, ‘’Steady on your knees’’ sounds like its seen the best of the ’90s. ‘’Comfort consumption’’ gives you a sense of times of tranquillity before chaos giving the listener a space of mind being able to contrast with the rest of the album. 

The band explains that ‘we did not consciously think too hard about what we wanted musically, as it’s a perfect result of the last four years of us being in a band together’ (Indie central.com).

There are songs that are years apart in the album and songs that have just been made with old and new sounds to create unimaginable synergy. Some express political outrage and condemns what society expects from us. False Heads are keeping it real for their listeners in 2020 and 2021. 

False heads have been wanting to tour the US and UK for a while but covid has unfortunately shattered their plans which have left them devastated. At the moment they are focusing on engaging with their fans while they can and releasing new music. However, once everything blows over, they are willing to get out there and create new fans and are not afraid to establish their music in various cities whilst waking up everyone in the music industry with their intrusive sound.

Written by Seray sulun

Image: https://whenthehornblows.com/content/2018/11/6/false-heads-help-yourself

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