Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The Red Stains Talk 'Freezer Jesus' and working with Natalie Wardle.

Manchester based alternative band 'The Red Stains' aim to shock and awe through their modern contemporary take on punk rock. 

For fans of: Hole, Bikini Kill, Elastica

"We're the band you can't wash out."

Their high energy experimental sound takes honest and opinion fuelled lyricsim in a completely new direction. 

Their latest feat 'Freezer Jesus' tackles the mundanity of every day life whilst worming in social issues concerned with marxism, consumerism and the elitist values of corporate chains. The chaotic music video perfectly compliments the eclectic lyrics, sythn-pop beats and Kathleen Hanna infused vocals.

Not too bad for a hungover concoction. 

What’s the story behind the band name?

We thought The Red Stains would work quite well as a band name, it makes people go “What?! That’s gross/weird!” People have mixed reactions and it’s quite shocking.

How did the band form?

If we hadn’t all ended up in Manchester for one reason or another, we wouldn’t have ended up being a band which would have been a bit of a shame.

How was it working with Natalie wardle on your latest music video?

It was so much fun. We had a good laugh. It’s not every day that you get to cut off the heads of Barbie dolls or lay on the front of the car or throw spaghetti hoops all over the kitchen. Natalie Wardle is an incredibly talented and lovely filmmaker and artist.

Tell us about ‘Freezer Jesus’!

Sterling: “I wrote the lyrics when I was hungover and it’s about shopping.”

Do you think being based in Manchester and coming from such a musically influential city has influenced your music careers?

Everyone loves a Manchester band. Manchester is just the best city and that’s the way it is. Before Covid-19 there were lots of interesting little venues that we played. There’s always a good gig on, it’s never boring.

What’ve you been doing to keep yourselves busy during the pandemic?

Knitting, making art, being creative in other ways. Recording Freezer Jesus. Deep cleaning the kitchen.

What new music do you have in the works?

We started to work on some new creative ideas that we’ve been coming up with. It’s all coming together now. There are some exciting things on the way.

Any plans for 2021?

Play a gig on Mars.

Catch the Red Stains' new music video: The Red Stains - Freezer Jesus (official music video) - YouTube

Lana Williams


Image: The Red Stains

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