Friday, December 11, 2020

The Pretty Reckless debut of single “25” hauntingly beautiful and soul-bearing.

The pretty reckless, briefly known as ‘The Reckless’ formed by adolescent actress Taylor Momsen [front woman] which has been rearranged in title and members since 2008. Regardless TPR has consistently dominated the music scene since their debut. Whilst the group understandably having been on a break from performances since being struck with the tragic death of tour-friend, ‘Soundgardens’ own Chris Cornell passing in 2016.

2020 follows ‘The Pretty Reckless’ signing to ‘Fearless Records’  in May 2020, the band planned to release their next album sooner than anticipated. However, due to the surge of the coronavirus pandemic providing their inability to tour, the bands fourth album’s release has only just been announced for February 12th 2021. 

In addition to the bands new label alliances in May, other achievements they managed to grasp among the heights of the music industry struggles being the release of a brand new single, “Death By Rock And Roll”. Which brought the title to the group of their fifth No. 1 single on the Billboard Rock Charts. This achievement highlighting ‘The Pretty Reckless’ as holding the current record for the most No. 1 singles by a female-led rock artist ever in Billboard Rock Chart history. Which installs high hopes for the second single to have been released from the upcoming album  “Death By Rock And Roll”.

Which graces your ears in the form of  track “25” Featuring the iconic and instantly recognisable vocals possessed by Momsen. “25” opens with a classic 90s slow burner rhythm guitar,  bringing you early ‘Nirvana’ pulling on ‘Alice In Chains’ vibes. (“Year one was lots of fun, but nothin’ lasts forever in my dreams”) Captivating your attention with the essence of rhythmic nursery rhymes. Only to shock you in the bridge with a burst of pop-esq brought about by the bands influential artists such as ‘The Beatles’,  accompany the wistful lyrical formation. (“From eleven, twelve, I held the future in my grasp, And all through my teens, I may not live much past, twenty-one, two, three, four”). A bit out of place in its pairing of darker tones being portrayed. This very ominous narrative that is cast across the lyrical choices throughout. However the bridge potentially being a bit out of place, it is indeed a very nice addition to the track and complements the entire construction of “25”. These haunting declarations are brought to life by Taylors extensive and impressive vocal range. Since the last album “Who You Selling For” 2016, these new songs establish Momsens’ own turmoil and honesty reflecting on the experiences of living through and for rock and roll.

The Pretty Reckless will release their long awaited fourth album  “Death By Rock And Roll” on February 12 next year under Century Media Records in the UK and Fearless Records in the US. Another prospect to pull out your eyeshadow for, will be the hopeful follow through [pandemic allowing] as the band will also be performing at the 2021 ‘Aftershock festival’ in California, USA.

— Patricia Poulton
NurPhoto Via Getty Images

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