Wednesday, December 09, 2020

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - The Light Is About To Change

The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s newly recorded single ‘The light is about to change’ is a bold reminder that lead singer ‘Anton Newcombe’ hasn't disappeared anywhere during the pandemic and once again he seems to effortlessly draw you into the beauty of his and the bands individuality. 

The band released the single under Anton Newcombe’s YouTube channel with a slight reminder that this song is a 'work in progress’. The single was recorded at Cobra Studio, Berlin and given to the fans away from Spotify and most streaming services. Passed to Newcombe’s smaller following via his YouTube channel is possibly a sign of things to come and Newcombe is not looking to slow down at any point in the near future. The frontman took to his Twitter to confirm he will be adding to this WIP folder very regularly. ‘One a day, six days a week’. 

This single immediately draws the full attention of the listener, with a punchy, vintage 60’s sound, that has become so famously associated with the band. This single like so much of their work before has made me want to dig out the turntable, along with some old vinyls from the 60’s and fall in love with that era all over again. But the beauty of The Brian Jonestown Massacre and with this single is that it stands alone inside and outside of its influences. 

When Newcombe’s vocals gently fade into the song and accompany the head bopping instrumentals, you are quickly transported to the bands origins in San Francisco and are immediately reminded that this band is so effortlessly unique and that they have, for years now, been leading a revival of their own. For me, Newcombe and the band have been leading the charge and have been pioneers for the ever growing popular genre that is ‘Modern Psychedelia’.  

This single has once again reminded me of the originality of TBJM and indeed into the beauty of their unique sound. After years together as a band and after nearly 20 studio albums, countless singles and supporting anthologies, I find myself listening to a completely raw, distinctive, ‘work in progress’, piece of art that is so different to previous pieces of the bands work. Once again I have rekindled the love that I have for the band, for 60’s Psychedelia and Modern Psychedelia and indeed for Rock n Roll in general. 

Jack Dallas-Chapman 


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