Monday, December 14, 2020

Surf Party, USA - ‘(Nothing Wrong with) Riding a Board’ - single review

Have you ever been caught in between a rock in a hard place choosing between going surfing and going to school? Well Surf Party, USA have the unequivocal answer for you in their new single ‘(Nothing Wrong with) Riding a Board’. This LA-based duo, consisting of friends Nate and Ben, make witty and irreverent songs about the things most important to them:

Sun, sand, surfing, surfboards, skateboard tricks and the fact that all of these matter more than anything else.

Bottom-line is that their songs are fun. ‘(Nothing Wrong with) Riding a Board’ is a short and catchy tune sitting at the two and a half minute mark, embracing the twists and turns of a young surfer’s life battling with the threat of flunking out of classes when all they want to do is go surfing. 

Instead of venturing down the avenue of wailing guitar riffs, Surf Party, USA wrap you in more of a narrative. Accented by a steady repetitive melody and production making it feel very much like the garage-band duo it is, the song has hints of anti-establishment but never to a point where it feels like they’re taking themselves seriously. I think in fact this becomes clearer with the addition of the music video:

In fact, I’d say my attempt at attaching any more meaning or depth to this song is farce. I feel like I’d be made fun of for trying to paint it as anything other than two guys having fun making music because that’s what music should be. I’d be intrigued to know what their reaction to this review would be at all.

The bare-bones of it is that I had fun listening to this song. I don’t think I need to say any more about it, and for that fact alone, I think you should go listen to it. 

- Chloe Boehm



Image: Surf Part, USA Facebook


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