Saturday, December 19, 2020

Semantics - Codependent Single review

Brisbane based punk rock band have just released their newest single ‘Codependent’ this is the bands third single release of the year following their songs SDE and Bluelight.

The song opens with a slowed down opening focusing on just the bass and the vocals and as it continues, the song begins to build as the verse progresses with the introduction of drums. The song then breaks into a full on party vibe as the full mix of guitar and bass are combined with a heavier drum beat to bring out the heavier rock sounds and make it into another classic hit for the band. 

The band have produced an incredible love song with an upbeat indie pop rock vibe. The song is a proclamation of love and bearing your vulnerabilities open to the person you love  with lyrics such as ‘one day I’d like to marry, if I could be a man’ and ‘I fall in love but I don’t know if I can’ there’s the showing of love but also of the fear that these feelings bring too. There’s an acknowledgement of the fears but a hopefulness that these fears can be overcome to allow the feelings of love to prevail and allow for happiness which is echoed in the lyric ‘I’m at the table with all that I could bring’ that shows an element of there may be some things that I don’t have but what I do have I’m sharing with you in the hopes that it’s enough. When pairing the lyrics with the sound of the song it works perfectly with the slower introduction echoing the almost nervous shyness of the feelings but with an increasing display of emotion we get an increasing beat and tempo as the feelings and thoughts are poured out. 

This is a song with content and meaning behind it; but it’s also a song that is just good to listen and it’s got power behind it. The song evokes feelings of desire for live music to return because this is a song that is desperate to be played live. It feels as though it was made to be played loud and to be played live, you can picture the audience swaying and moving in the quieter slower parts before breaking into a jumping mass or making a mosh pit when the song hits its heavy moments. The Semantics have created a song that not only increases the desire for live shows to return; but also feeds the desire because it evokes the feelings of a live show within the 4 minute song and provides a feel good getaway for a little while. 

- Georgina Shine


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