Sunday, December 13, 2020

Sam Fender - Winter Song Christmas Cover

Geordie singing sensation Sam Fender is back with his first release since his number 1 album ‘Hypersonic Missiles’ back in 2019 and this time he’s turned his musical talents towards Christmas with his new cover of Lindisfarne’s ‘Winter Song’. 

Fender has brought the original song back into public consciousness whilst also making it his own and putting his unique Sam Fender stamp on it. In comparison to the original Fender’s take feels even more sombre, thus emphasising the message behind the song. 

The lower and deeper sounds of the song reflect the pain and hardship depicted in the lyrics and when this is combined with Fender’s bass tone and raspy voice, it adds upon the original with an extra element of power because it doesn’t feel as lighthearted as the Lindisfarne version and as such feels like more of a mirroring of the lyrical content within the song. 

If anyone was going to cover this song, then Sam Fender is the perfect artist to do this because his incredible talent and varied vocal range lends itself perfectly to this song and it’s message. His use of a deeper and raspier tone of voice used within the verses allows for the listener to focus in on the story behind the lyrics and lets their meaning become the forefront of the song. He then moves into a higher and louder tone to bring in an increasing instrumental power and sound throughout the song and helps to keep listeners attention throughout the song. 

In the year 2020 the decision to release a Christmas song or cover by artists is no surprise and of all the years we need Christmas music this year we need it now more than ever. Fender’s choice seems like an interesting one based on the song he has chosen, but his choice also feels particularly poignant and fitting given the year we’ve had. 

It would appear that he is not chasing chart positions or trying to bring a new bubbly Christmas pop song to dance around to into the charts or the public forum, but instead he has chosen to release a piece of music that puts out a message to the world instead of a sound. There is already a vast array of upbeat dance style ‘happy pop’ Christmas songs out there so to have a Christmas song with its focal point being the meaning of it and the message it portrays and for it to be a song with a purpose feels like the song needed in 2020.

The song itself is a reminder that this year hasn’t been easy on anyone and that this year more than ever Christmas won’t be an easy time for so many people. But whilst reminding people of the difficulties this year has brought, it encourages people to spare a thought for those around us, to think about the people who face a difficult Christmas not just this year but face one every year and to encourage us to think about those less fortunate and to show kindness and compassion to everyone around us not just at this time of year but all year round because we need kindness and empathy now more than ever. 

This song is not just a piece of music that has been put out into the world with a message in its lyrics but it’s also a project and bigger than just the music scene as Sam Fender has teamed up with the charity ‘People of the Streets’ to help promote the message of the song. He has created a lyric video for the song which features photographs taken by people whom the charity helps in order to advertise not only the charity but also people who’ve been helped by the charity and the work they do. 

This song is a must listen for everyone whether it’s a ‘Christmas listen’ or something to play anytime of the year, it’s a song you can listen to whilst reflecting and thinking about its content or simply just enjoy it for the beautiful piece of music that it is and if you want to you can connect with its external project and help out the causes it’s connected too. 

- Georgina Shine


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