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MEET... Peach Pit

Neil Smith, Mikey Pascuzzi, Peter Wilton and Christopher Vanderkooy, better known as Peach Pit, are an indie-pop band from Vancouver, Canada. Peach Pit create upbeat indie pop songs which are contrasted with soft spoken, and often melancholic, vocals which describe navigating through life and dealing with heartache. Their discography could have fallen straight out of an indie ‘coming of age’ movie. 

The band aren’t afraid to be different and that’s often reflected in their out of the ordinary tour posters and music videos which no doubt grabs the interest of new listeners. 

They have a set style and aesthetic that involves the band wearing the same clothes for the whole of their ‘Being so Normal’ album tour. Guitarist, Chris Vanderkooy’s signature turtleneck and moustache combo give Peach Pit an added quirk.


Meeting as high school friends, Neil and Chris formed the band to work on a musical project. They were later joined by Peter and Mikey and have been working together ever since. The four-piece went on to release their debut EP, ‘Sweet FA’, in June 2016. The release of their debut EP really helped the band gain traction in the indie pop scene or, as they like to describe it, the chewed bubble-gum pop scene.


This four-track EP demonstrates the musical and lyrical capabilities of Peach Pit and is a very strong first release. The song ‘Seventeen’ explores the singer’s feelings towards his younger self and how, now as he has grown older, he has come to regret how he treated people. The lyrics are paired with upbeat and melodic guitars and an ironic music video which features the lead singer dancing with headphones along to lyrics such as ‘There’s something dark hanging over my head.’ The title track, off the EP has one of the best guitar solos from the bands discography and although this song is about falling in love it is oddly melancholic.


‘Seventeen’ music video:


Following the success of ‘Sweet FA’, the band released their debut album, ‘Being So Normal’, in September 2018. The album kicks off with a re-worked version of ‘Drop the Guillotine’ which features on ‘Sweet FA’. This new version has a much more exciting and happy feel to it despite the lyrics describing how the lead singer feels his best friend had betrayed him; ‘You sure know how to drop that guillotine on me / Though you would never wanna see me bleed.’


The title track, ‘Being so Normal’, describes the motions the lead singer has gone through as he watches the person he has broken up with change into a completely different person. This song is a lot more stripped back and uses a simplistic guitar riff which is layered with a more melodic guitar which gets more aggressive and prominent after the vocalist’s final lyrics ‘But I grew my hair / And you got tattoos / And man, that’s hard to look through’. This suggest there is still some anger and confusion which the lead singer is holding on to.


After constant touring around North America, Europe and Asia, the band added their sophomore album ‘You and Your Friends’ to their discography in April this year. The lead single off the album, ‘Feelin’ Low (F*ckboy Blues)’, was really unexpected and a completely different sound to anything the band had released previously. The track has much more of an indie-rock feel to it which is demonstrated through slight vocal effects and the way the band have strayed away from their recognisable guitar riffs to something a lot punchier.


‘Shampoo Bottles’ was the second single to be released off ‘You and Your Friends’ and is a perfect example of how the band have perfected and refined their style. The song takes you on a story of the vocalist moving from feeling sentimental to growing tired of seeing his ex’s belongings all around his house. ‘It is seemingly worsened everyday / All this shit of yours around my house.’ This song builds effortlessly, with more layers being added after each verse. This makes it a really exciting listen.  


The closing and title track, ‘You and Your Friends’, follows a similar indie-rock style like the rest of the album whilst talking about trying to get over an ex. The open and vulnerable lyricism paired with the incredible guitar riffs makes this song, not just the best on the record, but one of the best songs Peach Pit have ever released.


Peach Pit are making some really promising and exciting music and have found success in experimenting with different sounds and genres. The band will be touring their latest album in March 2021 and it is sure to be a crowd pleaser.


- Zoe Wheeler

@zoe.wheeler_ and @zoewheelermedia


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