Monday, December 07, 2020

MEET... Bad Sounds

If you like funk-inspired beats with Pop styled chorus' then you're in for a treat. Meet Bad Sounds a five-piece band from Bath fronted by siblings Callum and Ewan. 

The Hip- Hop x  Indie crossover, pays homage to decades of influences with the use of funky basslines and hip- hop infused samplers. 

The brothers Callum and Ewan bring the best of both worlds when it comes to the creation of their music with Callum previously trained as a sound engineer and Ewan focusing on the production side of music. This could be explained for the explosive live performances the band put on. 

‘Wages’ was the band's debut single which was released in 2016 immediately caught attention and grew a loyal fan base (Including Radio DJ Annie Mac) This catchy and colourful track is energetic and will surely be stuck in your head after just one listen. A perfect example of what makes this band so unique

Mixtape One was released in 2017. This is when the band grew their live sound and the production of their live performances. 

The stand out track of this mixtape has to be ‘Living Alone’  keeping to their energetic style and memorable hooks, this track is a must listen to. 

Their Debut Album "Get Better" Was Released in 2018 and was an instant hit with fans. 

This whole album brings a fun chaotic energy, and through this uplifting album the band has paid tribute to different decades of music with a nod to 70's dance music,  80's production vibes, and the album artwork very 60's style. 

The most recent release by the band is a single called ‘Permanent’ released in February this year. The track has an uplifting message with the chorus repeating “I’m permanently me”. Bad Sounds, however, do keep to their well-established brand with the clever production behind the track and the psychedelic trip of a music video that goes alongside it. 

Bad Sounds - Permanent 

Tickets are on sale for the Bad Sounds headline shows in June 2021

Holly Sawal


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