Thursday, December 10, 2020

Django Django releases their third single off of their forthcoming album, both titled ‘Glowing in the Dark’.

Following the release of the first two singles, ‘Spirals’ and ‘The Ark’, it is hard to ignore the difference between those two tracks. Perhaps, this third track helps us bring the two together, and give us a peak into the exploration that the new album will be.

The band has taken sharp turns in their musical journey, but have consistently retained a sense of what a Django Django song might sound like. I’ve found that it’s quite hard to look for other music where I can say, ‘this sounds like a Django Django song’, and it’s almost always half-heartedly stated if I can find something which is even just somewhat similar.

I’m now starting to think that among the repertoire of Django Django releases, I can’t actually pick one song from their first album, and one from their latest and say that both of them are indeed Django Django songs, either. On one hand, there is a sense of certainty and continuity across the board of what it means to make a Django Django record that is more or less held up by Vincent Neff harmonizing, but on the other hand, one may notice that they were never resigned to their acoustic indie-rock beginnings in the first place, and that foraying into synth laden tracks was always on the agenda.

The influence of house and dance music on Django Django has become more perceptible over time with their most recent works, but ‘Glowing in the Dark’ seems to outdo any impression that one may have gleaned off of certain ‘house’-ish moments in previous albums. 

For a dance track, it seems too short! But perhaps in the context of the album, it may be an interlude sandwiched between other songs. That said, Django Django tends to sincerely dish out solid remixes by other artists, such as the last one of ‘Spirals’ by none other than MGMT. The third single from the forthcoming, 

‘Glowing in the Dark’ is a wonderful earworm, and features some kind of play with Neff’s vocals, which seem to indicate that perhaps they are looking to move above and beyond the indication so far that what makes a Django Django song easily identified as such is by Neff’s harmonizing, solely. The three singles together are an exciting indicator of things to come.

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