Friday, December 04, 2020

Coral the color - I don’t like you - single review

Swedish five piece band Coral the color, have released their new single I don’t like you, an upbeat indie pop style song that is sure to be a feel good hit with listeners.

With its upbeat style evident from the very introduction of the song, the band sets the songs tone from the get go with the beach vibes style guitar and foot tapping drum beat. 

The drum beat is infectious throughout with the kind of beat you can’t help but want to move to whether it’s a simple foot tap or a full body beat hitting movement. Layered over the infectious drums, is the electric guitar which provides the relaxed beach day style vibes but also adds the dance and party feel to it to make it a song that is sure to make you want to dance. The song rounds itself of with a fade out at the end to almost finalise the song and bring the listener back to reality making it a stand out hit. 

The song itself is a refreshing change from the usual chart style songs that seem to be a bit ‘samey’, and Coral the color have taken the pop sound but mixed it up with the indie style makeover and made it a stand out sound whilst still keeping a sound that doesn’t sound to ‘out there’.

The song just works as an all round great piece of music, with the instrumental aspects creating the upbeat but chilled vibe and then Johanna Rinnan’s vocals over the top to bring it all together as the feel good hit it is. 

It’s very much the sort of song that you can’t help but connect with, this is the sort of song that gets you moving and a song that whenever you hear it you can’t help but dance along whether it be alone in your bedroom or as you make your way around the house or even the outdoors; it’s a song to get lost in and allow yourself to move with the beat without a care in the world who is watching you, it’s a song that allows you to dismiss your inhibitions and just be free in the moment. 

- Georgina Shine


Image: @Coralthecolor instagram

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