Friday, December 18, 2020

Brijean - Day Dreaming Single Review

Californian based duo Brijean are back with their third release of the year with new single Day Dreaming. This is the second of the duos main release singles of the year alongside the remix they produced of Poolside’s ‘Kinda Lovely’. This newest release from the duo is a feel good sonic experience and a pleasure on the ears. 

The song has the classic sound that Brijean has famed themselves for with the synth and electro sounds combined with the 70’s disco vibes that emanate from the echoing and high tone vocals, bongo drum beats, and the synth dance over layers. 

The song itself is a song to connect to and get lost in, it invaded your mind and takes over with its sounds. It’s a song you can’t help but enjoy and to be taken away with, it’s the sort of song that makes you feel what you can and you can imagine that when you close your eyes and embrace the song you can almost see a blur of colours of lights passing you by in a haze of joy. 

I believe that this song is more than just music, it is also a listening experience to embrace and bask in; the song is infectious, it gets under your skin and into your mind and it’s brings so much feeling you don’t want it to end and it’s a song to put on repeat and just enjoy over and over again. 

It’s a song that you have to let your body feel, in a way you have no choice but to let it invade your body and take over because the songs beats and sounds take a hold of your body and you can’t help but move your body and allow yourself to go with the flow and let your body move to the music. 

The song itself sounds how I imagine a ‘trippy experience’ would feel with the out of this world feeling and the ability to make you feel detached from the world for a little while and for a few minutes it’s just you and the music and nothing else. Then when the song ends it takes a moment for your mind to register and for your consciousness to come back down to earth and return to reality and it gives this wonderful feeling of peace and ecstasy.

Overall, this song is a must listen for anyone, especially in the current worldwide climate because everyone could do with the chance to escape for a little while and that’s exactly why this song provides. Day Dreaming is a mini mental getaway delivered through the medium of sound with its upbeat vibes and soothing vocals, it’s a song that feeds the soul and gives a moment of calm and positive energy and that’s something we all need. 

-Georgina Shine


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