Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Black Midi, New Road Comes Together For a Christmas Gig in Aid of The Windmill

Earlier this month, a collaboration livestream between Black Midi and Black Country, New Road took place on 10th December, in an effort to raise much needed funds for The Windmill Brixton, one of the many venues facing closure in the wake of severe lockdowns and restrictions.

Tickets to the livestream cost £5, and went towards the crowdfunding campaign, which has raised over £60,000 at the time of writing. In addition, merchandise for Black Midi, New Road was also being sold.

The event began with an extended jam session between the two bands. Each of the band members brought together their various musical strengths to create a cacophony of sound that repeatedly found moments of transcending beauty. Amongst the session was a new song from Black Country, New Road, a decidedly downbeat tune which features a quirky and creative take on snow globes.

Later into the livestream, the band took on renditions of popular classics, festive and otherwise. Kicking off with a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born To Run’ and Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist’. You’d be forgiven for thinking of these covers as a light prodding at the specific identity the artists possess, but the songs are performed with such enthusiasm and grace that you can’t help but feel the band has a taste for music of all kinds. Christmas staple ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’ and the lesser known ‘Just Like Christmas’ by indie band Low were also some of those included in the list of covers, with different band members taking on the vocal duties.

Since the livestream ended, The Windmill’s bandcamp has posted an update stating ‘[the livestream] will go a long way to keeping the venue open’ - welcome news to many who worry for the state of live music in London.

There are still 33 days left in the crowdfunding campaign, with around £10,000 left until the goal is reached. Donations can be made via The Windmill’s Crowdfunder page.

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