Sunday, November 29, 2020

TV Priest Latest Single - Review

London’s TV Priest describes Decoration as a ‘walking down the road’ song and I think this is perhaps the most in tune a band has been with how their music would be received for a long time. As is to be expected with a Sub Pop release Decoration does its job as expected, it is good post-punk song.

The instrumentation is guitar-heavy and packs the right kind of twang to strut down a street to, while the baritone vocals from Charlie Drinkwater deliver an edgy atmosphere to the overall track. The influences of Stereolab and The Fall that the band have cited definitely glimpse through in this track but the band should be commended for their ability to hold their own voice at the core of the message and melody.

But what I personally find more compelling is the story behind the band which reformed after making music together in their teen years. The story of TV Priest is one that is fairly rare in the music industry, getting signed to a major indie label within they time were able to release their first few singles, the talent of the band speaks for itself. They have been described as bringing together the feeling of exhaustion after years of pursuing adult life and an enthusiasm to make music again. I am excited to hear more music from this fresh perspective of reuniting with music as lost love. There are moments of this that echo in ‘Decoration’ with the sentiments of “real as good as new, as good as old” and find myself hoping they explore this idea further in their debut album.

I feel like these boys will explode onto the scene with their (now delayed) debut album “Uppers” and with the power of a major label behind them, I am excited to see TV Priest to come into their own in the post-punk revival scene of 2020’s.

Check them out if you're a fan of: Talk Show, Moan or Joe and The Shitboys. 

Dilara Ball

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