Monday, November 09, 2020

Thom Southern - Single Review

Thom Southern released a new single ‘Perfect Someone’ as an ode to romances suddenly remembered. You may be familiar with his previous work alongside Lucy Gaffney in the band Southern (supporting the likes of Catfish & the Bottlemen, Jake Bugg, Bastille and The Kooks) but he’s releasing his own music now and it’s pretty special.

The inspiration for this song lies in bittersweet nostalgia over past romances; that sudden reach into an old coat pocket, finding a picture long forgotten and being transported back to that sweet but now unattainable moment in time. 

Southern has a real talent for building the mood and tone of the song from the ground up. 

After a catchy riff and punchy drums as a lead-in, the song quickly develops a full-bodied sound: this is the result of well-layered vocals, harmonies, a warm guitar and just all round good production. It really encompasses the entire mood of the song perfectly: inexplicably it has something akin to a feeling of late afternoon sunshine (always cherished but impossible to keep). 

This song is perfect for someone looking for that dream-pop, meets garage band, early 2000s feel. You can hear the influences of those such as Beck Odelay or even My Bloody Valentine, all blending together seemingly seamlessly in how he makes his music, while he still manages to stand apart. ‘Perfect Someone’ is a great song and you’ll definitely find me listening to it again.

- Chloe Boehm



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