Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Optimists - Yesterday Is Gone Review

The Optimists are a 4 piece band from The Isle of Wight formed in 2018 who with their unique indie rock style sound are bringing some of the iconic sounds of the 90’s back with their new single Yesterday Is Gone.

Straight from the off with this song you get the 90’s/ 00’s indie rock, Brit pop vibes with the song opening with the indie style guitar sound we all know and love. 

The song itself has all the familiar and iconic sounds listeners are used to but the song doesn’t feel like a copy or a cover of the past it’s got the ability to transport listeners back to a time when this genre was the soundtrack to people lives - whilst also defining the band as having their own identity and not trying to mimic the bands who influenced them.


The song radiates the energy of an ‘old school’ alternative power anthem that could be or would be the soundtrack to the lives of the kids who don’t quite fit in but who are made all the more better for it. With the vibes of this song I believe it wouldn’t feel out of place in a ‘teen tv show’ similar to Misfits, Skins or My Mad Fat Diary. 

The song has a sound and an energy that feels universal but also personal, it feels like the sort of song that only the outsiders listen to but in actuality it’s a song loved by everyone because at its core the song is to put it simply, just a great song to listen to. It is a song for everyone it doesn’t matter who you are; whether you’re a ‘lone listener’ who wants to lay in bed with your headphones turned up loud while you tune out from the world, or whether you’re hanging out with your friends - speakers turned on full, having a good time and loving life and living in the moment.

Whilst the song and in particular it’s instrumental and sonic aspects demonstrate the bands skills as a whole; the vocals and the harmonies within the song show off the members talents as individuals and emphasise the clear cut talent that this band has. The lead vocals from member Matt Read show off his voice which is so well suited to the bands genre with an effortlessness to his sound. Read’s lead vocals are paired with the complimentary harmonies of his fellow members which just adds the final extra additions to making this song a somewhat iconic track with its feet straddled in the sounds of modern day and in the 90’s/00’s. As a result of this the single makes a great listen today but it would also fit right in on the charts alongside the likes of Oasis, Babybird and Blur. 

With today’s music scene seemingly so heavily focused and concentrated for the most part of different variations of the same sounds of pop and rap, the world is crying out for something different be it different artists, styles or genres; and The Optimists have done just that with their ability to produce a refreshing return of the old school indie rock sound, as they bring it into modern day and bring it back to life in more ways than one. Whether you’re looking for something different to listen to or you want to indulge in something that feels somewhat nostalgic, this band is certainly one to watch as well as one to listen too. 

- Georgina Shine


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