Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The Maias - Constantine single review

Described by some as being indie pop - music duo The Maias have released their debut single ‘Constantine’ and it’s an addictive feel good hit that everyone needs in their life. 

‘Constantine’ is a song filled with electro and techno sounds that come together to produce an upbeat feel good song that enters your mind and stays there, it’s a song that could so easily be a soundtrack to summer with its ability to conjure feelings of being somewhere far from home, basking in the heat of the summer sun with the breeze on your skin or running through your hair. 

The song feels incredibly fitting for the current climate with lyrics such as ‘let’s go, let’s get away’ the lyric can be both literal and metaphorical because there is the literal urge for so many to get away and with the songs upbeat summer vibes there is the desire it brings out in listeners to just want to get away and escape to somewhere far away with white sandy beaches and beautiful blue waters with the chance to just back in the warmth of the sun.

The ability to get away is also metaphorical because not everyone can physical just up and escape from reality especially at the present moment with the global pandemic, however this song provides the listener the chance to get away for a little while even if that escape is just in their mind and they have to visit those Sandy beaches in their mind; but sonically this song makes a mental getaway so simple with the summer anthem sound that gets into your mind and bones and takes you away. 

The lyrics also include ‘I wanna go someplace that’s sunny’ a feeling that so many people can empathise with, especially in current climes, that’s a feeling that people will share now more so than ever to just getaway and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. The lyrics also seem fitting for the songs musical elements because the song itself feels summery and it has the beach style holiday vibes and as a result when listeners are physically unable to get away and find the sunny place, they can listen to the single and find that sunny place within the song and use the music as a temporary escape and instead of feeling the sun on their skin they can feel the sun within their bones and under their skin through the sonic sun created by the duo. 

Constantine really is a feel good anthem, it’s a song that feels much needed in current times but present circumstance aside, this song is quite simply an escape, it’s a song that you can put on and just ignore the world, to get lost in the sound and visualise somewhere new allow yourself to just get away for a while.

The Maias debut single is one that wouldn’t feel out of place at the top of the charts as the feel good hit of the summer and if this song is what can we expect from the duo then it’s safe to say their career is only set to progress onwards and upwards with their ability to create great music evident in this song. So check out The Maias new single ‘Constantine’ because this is best appreciated by turning the song right up and tuning the world out. 

-Georgina Shine


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