Sunday, November 01, 2020

SHRINK - new single ‘Drowning’ review

Young breakthrough artist Vasser, also known as Sam Breathwick is back and this time the 22 year old is operating under the name SHRINK with the debut single ‘Drowning’ a song he penned about his brothers break up. 

The song provides electro style sounds with a somewhat relaxed undertone to the song which seems fitting for its lyrical content. Due to the nature of the songs meaning the more upbeat electro sounds seem somewhat unusual however when paired with the underlying slowness and relaxed overall sound the song has a rounded and finite feel of capturing everything and more. 

The electro guitar beats give the song an upbeat slowness whilst the sprinkling of electro and techno esque elements give the song its more relaxing vibes and make the song feel almost trippy. 

The song is very much an escape style song and something for the listener to get lost in. It very much feels like an easy listening song that you can just put your headphones in, lay back, close your eyes and just get lost within the sounds of the song. 

However, when taking into consideration the lyrical content of the song, it brings a darker side to the song which is complimented and reflected in the overall slower tempo of the song. The slow electro feels to the song seem to reflect the meaning of the song in that the relaxed slowness of the song is a representation of the constant depressive feeling of a breakup with the upbeat electro elements bringing in the moments of extreme emotion that hit in the post break up process. 

The overall vibe of the song, whilst it is meant to depict the feelings of Breathwick’s brother’s relationship breakdown; it also offers a certain healing element with a therapeutic vibe to help heal and recover. The song does very much feel like one which can take the listener on a mini journey and step away from reality for a little while. It’s a song to appreciate for it’s simplicity, to focus on the song and allow yourself to be transported away and to let the electro vibes transport you somewhere where you can forget about the world, forget about any heartache, sadness or depressive thoughts. 

To title the song ‘Drowning’ feels very appropriate with the instrumental feel of the song; the song is essentially something listeners can drown in, you can put the song on and focus on the lyrical content and allow it to invoke and bring out the darker feelings within and allow them to float to the surface. But then when you focus on the sounds of the song you can allow yourself to leave your emotions on the surface and just drown in the calming electro sounds and let yourself be overwhelmed with a sense of calm as you drown in its instrumental electro calmness. 

- Georgina Shine 


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