Wednesday, November 18, 2020

POWER UP Review: How AC/DC continue to set themselves apart from the rest

The much anticipated AC/DC album, POWER UP, is finally here. This is the legendary band’s seventeenth full-length album to date and their first release since 2014. They teamed back up with the producer of Black Ice and Rock or Bust to continue their iconic sound and powerful hallmarks that continue to set them apart from the rest into the next decade.

Realize was a strong opening to the album and certainly a good choice as it brings some sort of familiarity to the sound they have been creating and defining for nearly 50 years.

The slow screaming hey’s at the start bring about a sense of nostalgia, even to this new creation. They slowed down the vibe with Through The Mists Of Time, which took the album in an unexpected direction...

It isn't as energetic as the rest of the songs, which really made me appreciate that they are continuing to grow as musicians and take new risks to stray away from the iconic sound they have created over the years.

Demon Fire is the most unique song on this album in my opinion. The experimentation with the vocals gave the song a fresh new sound compared to every other AC/DC song out there and truly shows how talented this group of men truly are. This tune, in particular, reminded me of when my 13 year old self got to see AC/DC live and made me feel as if I was there in their presence all over again. Code Red was the perfect way to end such a diverse album. The harmonies gave me chills as I sat in my room blasting it through my headphones. Finishing the album with a loud iconic ‘hey’ was the best end that anyone could’ve asked for.

Final thoughts on POWER UP… AMAZING. Each song sounds different but retains and continues to develop the sound that AC/DC have defined for nearly half a century. My personal favourite is Kick You When You’re Down. The tune perfectly illustrates how talented lead guitarist, Angus Young, continues to be even after writing new riffs for such a long time. I highly recommend listening to the album from start to finish as it’s a journey that every person should go. I have high hopes that this is just the start of some exciting new things coming from rock legends, AC/DC.

- Sapphire Anastasia

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