Thursday, November 12, 2020

Orton - Here For Long - Single Review

Orton released its debut single ‘Here For Long’ and it’s one for all you Jeff Buckley, Interpol and Turnover fans out there. 

Orton is the alias of Nottingham based multi-instrumentalist Will Crumpton whose song-writing floats somewhere between warm, catchy lyricism, shoegaze reminiscent instrumentation and production inspired by the likes of King Krule and Thee Oh Sees. Born in Cambridgeshire and moving to Nottingham to study, Crumpton worked in venues such as Jam Café and The Bodega where he helped run countless shows as well as running some of his own in the DIY scene at JT Soar.

 Having spent years working in grassroot music venues and playing with groups under RCA and Phlexx Records, his entrance into the scene as a solo artist was long overdue.

This three and a half minute single hooks you from the beginning with a sparse but warm guitar intro before bringing in catchy drums and a good bass riff. The vocals remind me of early English alt singers, all adding to the nostalgic sound. ‘Here for Long’ takes simple ideas and creates larger than life sounds, not least of all due to the emotional vocal performances. 

Picking up his love of music from a young age, both in influence and in practice, it’s clear to see Crumpton has a good understanding of how music is created. He finds a good spot between recognizing and weaving in influences while retaining his own sound. Recording and producing the vast majority of songs himself in his home studio, he is focused on making good music for the sake of it, favouring the lofi, off-kilter production that is so well-applied in this tune.  

I could definitely see this featuring in an irreverent and relatable coming-of-age movie, but for now I’ll be streaming it at home, and so should you. 

- Chloe Boehm



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