Sunday, November 08, 2020

Fine Line - One Year On...

Following his self-titled debut album. Fine Line was highly anticipated by many fans. With the dreaded 'second album syndrome' hanging over it felt like fans were waiting a lifetime for the release of Fine Line.

Styles explained Fine Line was "all about having sex and feeling sad." while talking to Rolling Stone.

Fine Line was released on 13th December 2019 to great reviews. NME stated it was "packed with personality and charm (and saucy lyrics)" Fine line sold over 470,000 copies in its first week and has since gone platinum in both the UK and US.  

'Golden' is the first track on this album, an upbeat and groovy song to start with. The catchy chorus hooks get stuck in your head pretty instantly.

This song is the perfect indie-pop song and a great choice to open the album and a real underrated song from this album in my opinion.

'Watermelon Sugar' has been the hit of the summer taking over radio stations and social media platforms. It's easy to listen to, Packed with funky horns and guitars along with the cheeky and charismatic charm that Styles brings with the lyrics and the colorful and vibrant video is a great example of modern pop. 

'Adore you' might be Styles' best-written hook to date. With the chorus being “I’ll walk through fire for you, just let me adore you” this song is a pop fan's dream. Punchy bass lines and dreamy synths bring a current and fresh feel to the pop scene.

Falling is one of the slower songs of the album. A piano-heavy song that shows off Styles' vocals beautifully. This song shows off Styles' ability as a songwriter to write a great melody.                                A performance at the Brit Awards in February was a great example of the raw emotion that went into this song and the live delivery.                          

Last on the album is 'Fine Line' the 6-minute atmospheric filled track is full of backing harmonies, synthesizers, choirs, the lot. In my opinion, the track is a bit repetitive and didn't need to be 6 minutes. 

When talking to Music Week about the creation of Fine Line Styles said "I went into this album with a freedom, that I didn’t have, or didn’t allow myself to have, last time" and I think this shows in the comparison of sound.

Overall this album got Harry Styles through the dreaded second album syndrome and was the first sign that he is here to stay. 

Holly Sawal


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