Thursday, November 05, 2020

Chiara Baillie - Disappear single review

Scottish musician and artist Chiara Baillie has released her new and debut single ‘Disappear’ after uploading a variety of covers to her YouTube channel over the past year, Baillie has released her own music and for a debut single, it is a thing of beauty and shows Baillie to be an artist chasing her passion for music rather than chasing chart positions and fame. 

Sonically, the song is a simple stripped back piece that really is all about the sound, there are no fancy sounds or a combination of styles and instruments to bombard the listener with, it’s just an acoustic guitar and Chiara’s vocals and that’s all the song needs there doesn’t feel like a lacking in terms of music. 

The song feels simple yet vulnerable and that brings a beauty to it because it shows that for a song to have impact it doesn’t need to be overly produced or over the top content wise. 

The song is seemingly a dive into depression and mental health and how it effects a person, how it makes you feel and in this case how it makes you want to just disappear and not be here anymore but also the song shows the urge to not let those thoughts and feelings take over and how there is also the urge to fight against that darkness and move on. 

In the song Baillie repeats the mantra of ‘tell you’ and the repetition of this shows the repetitive battle that people suffer with mental health, the constant desire to tell someone how they feel and to break away from being alone with the darkness these thoughts bring, but the repetition shows the difficulty in trying to do this and she shows that it’s not as easy as saying I’m going to talk about it and then talking about it and the repetition shows the constant desire and the time it takes to build yourself up till your ready but showing the desire to break free never goes away, there is the verbalisation of the difficulty of wanting to speak out combined with the fear of facing the demons and breaking through the fear. 

She also says ‘Hope one day I can be brave’ she wants to be brave enough to break out from these feelings and the strifes she’s going through but showing it’s not easy. But the use of hope and brave also shows recognition for the difficulty that mental health presents and that it’s not an easy thing to try and cope with. I think the choice of language is also for listeners particularly those who can relate to the song because hearing the positive words is a form of support of boost for people and to show that there is a chance for them to have hope and be brave.

The song is very much a vulnerable but hopeful song with Baillie saying ‘I looked in the mirror and decided to stay another day’ showing the effects of mental health struggles and making reference to suicidal thoughts but brings a hopefully spin by making the decision not to end her life and to keep fighting the battle. 

There is then signs of progress in her fight to overcome the demons in her mind when she says ‘I know that this is for the best and I’m finally gonna get this of my chest’ she knows that suicide is not the way to go and that there are better ways to deal with her feelings and that one way to cope and to progress is to open up and share her feelings with someone. 

This debut single from Baillie is stunning both musically and lyrically. In terms of its lyrical content, she provides an honest and open look into depression and mental health struggles and the simple yet complex impact it has upon a person experiencing it. 

In terms of content musically, Baillie has produced a stripped back instrumental piece that has a complexity underneath because whilst it is simply an acoustic guitar layered with her vocals, it feels like so much more thanks to the layers and change of tones within Baillie’s voice. 

I would very much recommend this song as a must listen to irrespective of whether they can connect with its content; because whilst I feel the song would be personal to those who can empathise with it, I think musically it’s just an overall great song that can be appreciated by everyone. 

-Georgina Shine


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