Friday, November 20, 2020

Bring Me The Mountain Single Review

‘Bring Me the Mountain’ is the perfect balance between rage and compassion. 

I first listened to the track on a gloomy afternoon in October; I was zoning out, shuffling through my discover weekly playlist when Lucy Lu’s vocals brought me back to the room. Something about this song reminded me of ‘I See You’ by The XX and immediately grabbed my attention with its fierce and melancholic character

I wasn’t surprised to find out about Uma’s international background: people who moved around a lot often speak in a secret language made up of sounds and images they collected around and ‘Bring Me the Mountain’ feels like a beautiful mosaic of her life. 

The careful balance between electronic and acoustic sounds strikes a light on the natural affinity between Uma and Lucy Lu as co-writers of the track. The arrangement revolves around a simple and mellow sounding bass, enriched by the occasional guitar riff. 

The main event of the track are definitely the vocals, used by the writers to stage an intimate conversation about being seen when you are in pain and vulnerable. As Uma explained in a recent interview this track is ‘about the people who help you out of that and the people who stand by and watch.’ 

Listening to the track over and over again, I felt betrayal, forgiveness and then closure: Bring Me the Mountain is the perfect balance between rage and compassion. I have no doubt that Bring Me the Mountain represents a turn in Uma’s musical career: you can feel a sense of maturity and comfort in her writing that was somehow missing in her previous work. If you haven’t yet, get to know her music because she’s going places. The world desperately needs voices like Uma’s to remind us of what’s important and real in life: love, vulnerability and courage.  


- Matilde Mirotti


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