Saturday, November 28, 2020

B-Sides Not To Be Missed

B-sides don't often get the recognition they deserve. There are many b-sides that have been released that have had wide success from fans and a wider audience. So here are some b-sides that you might have missed. 

Oasis - The Masterplan 

Now, it's pretty hard to have over-looked this one. Oasis released The Masterplan as a compilation album of B-sides. From this compilation album came 'Half the World Away'. 'Half the World Away' is definitely a stand-out track not only from The Masterplan but from Oasis it's rare that a b-side manages to reach a wider audience but 'Half the World Away' managed to do just that. 

Lily Allen - Cheryl Tweedy 

Listening to this is like taking a time machine back to 2007. This is the B-Side to Lily's breakthrough single 'Smile'. 'Cheryl Tweedy' stays consistent with the feature single in the way it's produced keeping with the dub styled beats and the catchy chorus hooks.  

Arctic Monkeys - Temptation Greets You Like Your Naughty Friend

'Temptation Greets You Like Your Naughty Friend' is the B-side to 'Brianstorm'.  It has all the classic features of a great Arctic Monkeys song, catchy guitar riffs, and romanticised lyrics. A guest appearance from Dizzie Rascal makes this track one to remember.  

Blur -  Young and Lovely 

Blur has a huge collection of b-sides so it's hard to pick just one, but I've gone with 'Young and Lovely'. 'Young and lovely' is a feature on the 1993 album Modern Life is Rubbish.                            I'm a huge fan of Blur. My love for this band goes beyond words, 'Young and Lovely' has all the charm of a Blur classic. With the chorus repeating the catchy hook You can get what you want, You're so young and lovely.  

Libertines - You're My Waterloo 

'You're My Waterloo' was recorded during the Odessa Studio Recordings, and wasn't released until 2015 on the album Anthems for Doomed Youth. 'You're My Waterloo' is a beautifully written song.      You are the survivor of more than one life And you're the only lover I had, whoever slept with a knife is a showcase of what a talented songwriter Pete Doherty is. 

- Holly Sawal


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