Friday, November 13, 2020

An Interview With Palace

Palace - the London hailing musical trio - having recently released their newest masterpiece, “Someday, Somewhere”, sat for a zoom call with Josh Palmer, to catch up on all thing Covid-19 and their latest EP...

What inspired you to be a band in the beginning? 

A: To be honest it was being mates from school and it wasn’t intended to be a band, it actually  happened really naturally, when we first started off we could hardly play instruments! The usual plan was to meet after work, have a few tins and make noise just as a few mates having good time together, eventually we put a couple songs on soundcloud and did a few gigs, we just went from there really.

What’s your favourite song you’ve released so far? 

A: Really hard, don’t know if i can choose one, however there’s a track on our latest album, Heaven Up there, we really enjoyed making it and it was really cool to us that it got played on radio one, didn’t get cut off at all, pretty amazing, especially the crowd reaction when played live, something we always love to see.

What have you been up to during the pandemic, do you have anything planned for the near future?

 A: Tried to be productive as possible really just the same as everyone else, we returned from the states in February and our uk tour got cancelled just as coronavirus started, we’ve been in the studio, new song i’ll be fine was conceived during this time, really cool very fun experiment for us navigating this new age. 

How has the industry changed since you began? 

A: It has changed, quite slowly, we noticed when starting that the digital side of things felt new and people were still figuring stuff out, still does to this day everyone’s finding their way in this new way music is consumed, industry is beginning to understand it, as far as fans are concerned it’s more open with spotty and social media allowing a greater access to bands than previously available, were really entering a new age corona aside.

What advice would you give to a new band starting out? 

A: Haha, my first advice if starting today would be to hold on, wait until corona is finished but most importantly do it because you love it with best mates not as a job, don’t take each other seriously, its great having been friends before being a band, there’s an amazing bond that comes this way, I’m sure it helps when were touring and spending so much time together.

Do you feel lucky to be able to play with friends who were friends prior to the music?

A: Yes massively, we frequently encounter musicians who are much better technically than us playing various sessions at festivals and as amazing as it is we always feel very lucky and grateful to be able to play with people we can have a laugh with, makes it seem less of a job. 

How was your experience of recording and releasing the new ep?

 A:  totally different, songs like ‘Someday Somewhere’ and  ‘Flesh to the Fallen’ had been around for a while and we intended to have them recorded on last album, someday somewhere has been performed live before so its nice to see light of day,  ‘i’ll be fine’ was a really amazing experience as it was fully written and recorded away from each other in lockdown, I only had snare drum and ride cymbal to hand, didn’t even have sticks! It helped us think outside the box and was really cool seeing it come together piece by piece apart from each other separately. 

Interview: Josh Palmer: Instagram

Image: Jono White

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