Monday, October 05, 2020

Sundara Karma - KILL ME

Everybody who likes indie music remembers the year of 2017 and how the small band from Reading ran the show and was the band of the moment. Releasing their debut album ‘Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect’ in January of that year meant that the four-piece ruled the indie scene and had an almost perfect album under their belt. 

Fast forward two years later and Sundara Karma came back with a bang when releasing their follow-up album ‘Ulfilas’ Alphabet’ which showed the band step away from their ‘indie banger’ status and deliver something far more complex and sounding like something Thom Yorke would approve of. 

Their new offering a year and a bit later, Kill Me, oozes confidence and charm - the first lyrics are none other than “God is my copilot / We like to watch violence” and proves that they aren’t messing about. It seems as if they’ve gone back to the familiar roots that made them such a poignant band, with a rhythm that is reminiscent of ‘She Said’ and lyrics that could’ve made it onto their first album. Despite that - which isn’t a bad thing at all, by the way - they’ve come back with something fresh and exciting, while it slightly grasps onto their iconic sound, it somehow manages to be intoxicating and pulsating. They've definitely shown that they have evolved and inevitably still are, with a slightly new sound.

If you like a mix of pop, clever lyrics, and a little pinch of indie then ‘Kill Me’ is the song for you.

- Kamala Adams



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