Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Ruined Your Sons by Circe - Review

“Ruined Your Sons” by Circe is a gloomy and melodic eye opening to the world of male masculinity and its counterbalance of emotions and sensitivity. In her latest single off of her upcoming EP She’s Made of Saints set to drop November 25, Circe laments on how society has ruined their “sons” by enforcing unto the male population this onus of masculinity that they feel they must live up to. This masculinity comes at the expense of their sentimental side, which they’re forced to bury as a natural instinct because, again, society teaches them that the two can’t live in cohesion.

Circe sings about this tragedy, as a female herself, speaking up for the male population. She repeatedly laments how people in power have “ruined your sons” by stripping them of the very facet that makes them human, and molding them to become these cold hearted, hard headed half-man half-machines. 

The overall emphatic nature of the song is bolstered through the weepy instruments and background vocals, who are simply relentless throughout entirety of the 4 minutes plus that this track runs for. Even going off on a solo run in the final minute.

In the end, Circes lush vocals, an objective observation, and wailing instruments come together to form a tantalizing song with a genuine message. A rare outcome in today’s world of music. If “Ruined Your Sons” is a foreshadow of things to come, then Circe’s latest single would have served as a trip down the rabbit hole leading listeners to the wonder world that She’s Made of Saints will -in all likelihood- be.

Ali Fawaz

Instagram: @_thewritewords & @aliifawazz

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