Thursday, October 01, 2020

Royal Blood 'Trouble's Coming' REVIEW

They’re baaaaaaaaaaaack. Royal Blood have released their new single ‘Trouble’s Coming’ after a considerable break from releasing new music and they made a comeback with a bang let me tell you.

My music taste is pretty varied, I like to think, and this rock duo were always a go-to for me if I ever wanted to indulge my harder rock side but their new single crosses genres in my opinion. You still have the awesome bass and drums combo that these two are known for but added to it comes flourishing high-hat and production, giving it a slightly dancier feel.

The first thing that struck me about the song was the attitude behind it, in fact it struck me when I was about four bars in that this song was meant to be walked to...

It sounds stupid saying it that way but I’m sure you know what I mean right? The whole ‘I’m a bad b*tch and this is my soundtrack to taking over the world’ vibe that only the best rock songs can produce (this goes for all genders, you are all bad b*tches in my books).

They then bring in masterful use of layered vocals and a call-and-response production method which makes me unbelievably excited to sing along to it live if I ever get to leave my house again *eye twitch* I’m fine. Anyway. My favorite part of this single comes with what I think can be the most dangerous part of a rock song: the solos. I find solos can quickly turn from impressive to drawn-out and overindulgent but these guys did it right. A quick display of their skills brings us right to the breakdown of the song in the bridge and builds us back up to the final chorus. It’s a well-made song,  that’s all there is to it really. It’s good music.

I’d recommend giving this song a listen, if anything take it from a girl who’s taking time out of her busy schedule of listening to Joni Mitchell to listen to these guys. They’re good.

- Chloe Boehm



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