Thursday, October 29, 2020

Red Rum Club: Album Review

With the current climate leaving us all feeling deflated, Red Rum Club’s new album ‘The hollow of humdrum’ offers us a shot of excitement to brighten our days. On the back of their debut release ‘Matador’, a fantastic album that showcased their Scouse Americana perfectly, The Hollow of Humdrum has managed to exceed all expectations. For all the record touches on subjects like relationships and memories, it never loses its excitement, which I believe is one of the elements that makes it so unique. It almost seems too easy, when using the topic of relationships as inspiration, to explore themes of sadness and longing. Their take on the subject just makes it seem so fresh, it’s like the feeling of falling in love with someone or something all over again. 

‘The Elevation’, the first song on the album, immediately gives you a taste of who Red Rum Club are, a distinct sound that sets them apart from everyone else. A catchy chorus that sticks in your head all day, not that that’s a bad thing. I’ll happily listen to it all day. Following on from that ‘Kids Addicted’ packs a great punch, a song with an addictive energy that just leaves you with a happy buzz. 

Their ability to touch on slightly more serious subjects, while still keeping the music upbeat is a skill I really admire. ‘Preach, preach about your problems on the medium that caused them’ is a good example of this, reminding us maybe of our time spent on social media, a slight reminder of the negative impact it can have on our lives. 

I love that they are able to cover all aspects of relationships, with ‘Favourite Record’ taking more of a laid back approach, a ballad you could say. Very softly spoken, a great song that displays the range of lead singer, Fran’s voice. It has an almost sultry feeling to it and for me it shows the ups and downs of a relationship. On the other side of the spectrum is ‘Eleanor’, possibly one of my favourites on the record. Simply put this song puts you in the best mood. It feels like a celebration of love and friendship, it makes you really appreciate your loved ones. 

Throughout the album Joe Corby’s trumpet adds that extra layer of perfection to the songs. For me personally, this added touch is what makes them so unique, I’ve never heard anything like it. It adds a richness to the music that just makes it so satisfying to listen to. ‘Girl Is A Gun’ is a stand out song for me in which the trumpet plays an amazing role. The trumpet trills on this song have you hook, line and sinker, simply amazing. 

The final song on the album ‘Holly Horses’ for me is the perfect conclusion. It perfectly sums up who they are and what they’ve come to do. A fantastic display of their skill as musicians.

The album artwork compliments the band and the music in a way that is subtle yet effective. The colours match the Americana theme really well and I think it’s a really satisfying cover to look at.

Overall, this album for me is a great success. The way they’ve ordered each song, almost as if they’re telling a story, I think just shows how fantastic they are. I would urge everyone to go and listen to them, they really deserve it!

- Catherine Frediani

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