Tuesday, October 06, 2020

New Order- Be A Rebel Review

It’s safe to say 2020 hasn’t been an easy ride. Whether we’ve launched head-first into our sourdough starters, kept the cogs turning by pushing through work during a pandemic or simply daytime drunk our way through the past six months, a little light never goes unnoticed. New Order’s latest release, ‘Be A Rebel’ provides just that: five minutes of heady, uplifting escapism.

The band’s first release in five years, ‘Be A Rebel’, while originally leftover from their time recording ‘Music Complete’—released in 2015 on Mute Records—provides a perfect commentary to Covid-era life and the building dissatisfaction and drive for change we are experiencing as a result of taking a brief step back. 

While written five years before its release, Bernard Sumner’s lyrics perfectly match our on-going conflicts concerning the world around us when he sings in his usual sombre tones atop swooning synthesised strings, "This world is a dangerous place, but it’s all we’ve got."

Similarly, ‘Be A Rebel’ mirrors the intense world of anxieties we’ve felt at the hand of not only the pandemic but the social and economic issues we face as a result. With the ground underneath many of us a little less solid, we could all do with taking note, when Sumner soars above the synth with “There will come a day when your fear and self-doubt fades away.”

While it is, by no means, quite such a bass-driven masterpiece like much of their earlier work we know and love, and rather more of a Sumner side-project, it is however, just what we need, taking our fears, trials and tribulations into account while providing us with five minutes of escapist fun. 

With clubs closed and things beginning to look ever-more grim, that is not something to turn away.

- Louise Goodger


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