Sunday, October 18, 2020

MEET... Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks throw you into an American teenage dream...

The five-piece indie-rock band take you back to your fond teen memories and favourite coming-of-age movies with their bluesy riffs, “slow jams” and whimsical vocals. The band began with childhood friends, Cadien Lake James (guitar and vocals), Jack Dolan (bass guitar and vocals) and Connor Brodner (drums and percussion). Once in high school, Brodner met Clay Frankel and convinced him to leave his current band to join Twin Peaks. James said in an interview “We ended up stealing him from his other band.” A few years later, Colin Croom joined the band as their keyboardist, additional guitarist, and vocalist.

With four studio albums, one live album, a compilation album, and a multitude of singles and EP’s released over the last 7 years, you’d think to yourself “Twin Peaks, surely you’ve run out of ideas by now?”. With which Twin Peaks respond with a resounding “nope.” The indie- rock quintet are ready to jump back into your ears and bring you a mix of feel-good and rock with their newest EP, Side A – recently released this July. In the chaos of this year, Twin Peaks were unable to come together and record their planned full-length album, but rather than putting the album off or postponing to next year, they recorded Side A from separate locations. Four tracks, twenty minutes of beautifully textured indie music. Bluesy riffs, guitar solos, bouncy drumbeats, and smooth vocals – a great showing for Twin Peaks, who once again throw you into that golden hour feeling.

Some honourable mention Twin Peaks track recommendations would be: “Casey’s Groove” (Lookout Low – 2019), “Tossing Tears” (Sweet ’17 Singles - 2018), “Irene” (Sunken – 2013) and of course, “Whistle In The Wind (End of Everything)” from their newest EP release, Side A. These songs alongside Twin Peaks entire discography will always have you smiling with nostalgia, recalling all the dreamy summer memories you may or may not have even had.

- Ruth Mukonoweshuro


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