Monday, October 19, 2020

Lucy Gaffney - 'Send Me Away' REVIEW

Picture this: you’re in a car, it’s late at night, you’re completely unaware of yourself and entirely intoxicated with the idea of someone else. There’s an element of the unknown but there’s electricity and that’s all that really matters. Lucy Gaffney’s new single ‘Send Me Away’ is the soundtrack to this moment.

Belfast-born and Liverpool living, this woman has been catching the eye of notable musicians such as Liam Gallagher who called her music ‘celestial’, and with good reason. The entire composition of this song plays to her strengths, from the tonal synths, to the rougher guitar, to the timeless quality of the melody and sentiment itself. 

Her influences are varied and crafted in to her music (Sinnead O’Connor, Chrissy Hynde, The Cure, Radiohead, the list goes on) and though her solo career has been short (she had previously been in the band Southern), I think it’s safe to say it’s notable. 

The song itself is beautifully written and beautifully produced. The base of the song is formed by a steady rhythm and dreamy synth tones (drums provided by Jim Sharrock), laying a foundation for Gaffney’s vocals and the comparatively sharp-sounding guitar (bass and guitar were provided by Thom Southern). 

As I understand it, the intention behind the juxtaposition of the guitar and the more polished sounding-synths was to replicate the rawness of her creation of said song in the studio. Whatever the reasoning was, it really works. It doesn’t sound overly produced (kudos to James Skelly of The Coral) and it’s catchy… and I mean catchy. I had it stuck in my head after the first listen. 

I’m not mad it, but that should serve to prove my point. In my opinion the real key to the song though lies in the layered vocals Gaffney provides. The entire song alludes to the feeling I was getting at in my intro: that feeling of being at the beginning of something unknown. Without her expressive vocals, that meaning is lost.

That being said, everything works together in this song. I can’t sing its praises enough. Go listen to it, we could all use a little escape from reality right now.

- Chloe Boehm



Photo Credit: Charlotte Patmore

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