Saturday, October 24, 2020

Charli Adams - Didn't Make It - Single Review

If you’ve sat on a ledge wondering how your first love went wrong, you’ve probably heard her. 

If you’ve compared yourself to Ross and Rachel and wondered what song would be your soundtrack, you’ve heard her, but on a much deeper level not usually accredited to shallow sitcoms. 

Indie newcomer Charli Adams delivers a spiritual evolution, born from regret, in her first single “Didn’t make it”. 

The song is driven by a soft rock vibe, exploring the acceptance that the person you wanted had stopped wanting you, no matter how much drink you need to forget it. 

Adams describes the song as the lament of “trying way too hard to be with someone, and cutting your losses.” She is short and blunt in a song that is surprisingly gentle for the subject of continuously fucking up love.

She remembers the bitterness of hitting rock bottom in a relationship that left her breaking down in the bathroom as her disinterested lover smokes throughout the day, unaware of the pain their boredom is causing her. These painful memories that have left her hollow are set to a tender tune reminiscent of U2’s “With or without you”, another song about a relationship whos ending a broken heart refuses to acknowledge.

Adams might be sitting on a back porch alone, lying on a couch with a drink as trash TV plays in the background, trying not to think of her lost love – if she does, she will try and try again to rekindle. But ultimately, she laments sadly, “we didn’t make it”. The sun has set, and she is reaching closure and the prospect of moving on. 

A truly beautiful song that births a new indie voice capable of giving comfort to those who need her most. Even if you don’t know her, you know her story and through that, you find the courage to face your own.

Jennifer Walne


Photo Credit: Jasmine Archie

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