Sunday, October 04, 2020

Beabadoobee 'Worth It' REVIEW

Beabadoobee’s last twelve months have certainly been worth it. The London-based songstress was predicted one of ten breakthrough acts for BBC’s Sound of 2020, was nominated for a Rising Star Brit Award, supported the 1975 on their Music For Cars Tour across the UK, and her flagship bedroom-produced track, Coffee, was remixed into Powfu’s TikTok megahit.

Next month her debut album, ‘Fake It Flowers,’ comes out. And she’s just released three singles in the lead up with bristling anticipation. The most recent of those is ‘Worth It,’ a simple rocksteady tale of infidelity that no unassuming boyfriend wants to hear. 

It couldn’t be further from ‘Coffee’, the bedroom hit that got her famous; her sweet, shrill, laid back voice now contrasts with rugged 90s grunge guitars mashing like steam trains rather than simple, relaxed acoustic. Her casual cutesy caffeine love affair is now littered with doubt as someone eerily similar but less genuine emerges tempting Bea into a whirlpool of self- induced confusion. “I don’t what I’m saying,” the chorus concludes, an often used epithet by an unsure lover who isn’t sure what they’re truly feeling?

Perhaps Beabadoobee is the UK’s follow up answer to the burgeoning female indie rock songwriter scene that grows rapidly across the Atlantic. There are certainly elements of Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, Snail Mail and even Mitski in Bea’s songwriting and melodies, though with a rougher, rawer edge and a depleted attention span. Where the former songstresses push home their whimsical ideas with thoughtful storytelling and solemn atmospheric indie, Beabadoobee cuts the bullshit, and drives straight to the heart of the point. 

She doesn’t need poetry to express her feelings in ‘Worth It,’ she just knows there’s a small part of her charmed by the breaking the rules.

- Charlie Kitcat

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