Sunday, October 11, 2020

Bad Suns: Baby Blue Shades single review

Ever since Bad Suns broke into the spotlight in 2014 with their catchy rock-pop single Cardiac Arrest, the Californian group has been releasing quality singles and albums that encompass what made us fall in love with the band in the first place -- think the Beach

Boys meet Eagles meet Asbury Park-era Springsteen: a modern take reminiscent of sunny pop rock n roll but with a bit of an edge and good old millennial cynicism. Their newest single, Baby Blue Shades, is no different.
The catchy guitar intro for Baby Blue Shades will immediately, and at the very least, grab your attention if not get stuck in your head for the remainder of the day. The drums and bass kick off for a chorus that makes you want to dance, and you’ll most likely be muttering the chorus ad-lib “du-du-du”s under your breath even during the most mundane tasks. The bridge, both treated like a confession and a chant, builds the song before the final explosive chorus that feels more like a revelation than anything, with lead singer Christo Bowman singing about “can’t break me down, I’m breaking out.”

This year has been weird, and Bad Suns is not only putting the weirdness on display in their lyrics but also showing hope for the future in lyrics and instrumentals: I can see the moon from my kitchen, but I cannot see through this decision/I can see my world in transition, and I can see the light I’ve been missing. Whenever things get weird, it’s common to listen to music or watch something that distracts us, and lucky for us, Bad Suns acts as the perfect soundtrack for when you want to pretend your the hero of your very own John Hughes film.

Two things remain unclear right now: if this single is part of a bigger Bad Suns project and if we’ll be able to see Bad Suns live in the UK again anytime soon. But Baby Blue Shades is one track that’ll be the perfect live show cathartic experience worth the wait.

Whether you’re already a fan of Bad Suns or have never checked them out before, why not see the light you’ve been missing and watch the official music video for the single here:

Emily Savidge
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