Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Aaron Everything ‘Silence’ Review

Aaron Everything describes himself as “drawing a lot of his influence from artists such as Lil Peep and Blackbear” and nowhere is this more apparent than in his track ‘Silence’. Initially this single came across as a half-hearted impression of Lil Peep complete with all the angsty lyricism of a 00’s rock band that comes along with that.

There is a sense that he models himself so strongly after others that there are times when the track feels like an affectation he has put on. Aaron Everything has been open about struggling with his identity and self-worth during lockdown and re-listening to the track with that context helps shed light on his artistic intentions. If this is a song about the futility of trying to create during lockdown I suppose then, it is fitting that Aaron Everything’s voice gets slightly lost in the raw sound of emo- rap.

There are a few genuinely interesting and introspective musical moments buried within the track, particularly with regards to the ‘distorted yet raw’ quality of the instrumentation and production which lends a certain DIY charm to the project. It is also easy to draw parallels between the repetitive background instrumentals and theme of the track which seem to be echoing his sentiment of his words coming “full circle they all feel the same”.

There is clearly some degree of thought that has gone into crafting this track and there is an element of musical skill that shines through no matter how many times Aaron references Iyaz, however a major criticism of this song is that when all of this charm started to wear off I found myself waiting for a moment, a peak, that was never quite reached.

All this is not to say this track was bad, I would recommend anyone reading this to give it a listen, it is more that I felt there was some untapped potential to go further and a sense that Aaron Everything was unclear of his identity as an artist. That said, I’m excited to keep Aaron Everything on my radar as I feel like he has the potential to become a great rapper once he starts to listen to his own artistic voice more instead of becoming another emo-rapper lost in a sea of soundcloud voices.

Dilara Ball

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