Wednesday, September 09, 2020

White Light - Not My Style: review

White Light are a new indie band out of Manchester and are soon to release their debut single, Not My Style, which has an indie pop/rock sound and features an impressive confidence from all members for a debut. The band have also taken to social media in the 30 days before the song is released to talk about their influences as a band and as individuals, offering listeners a window into how they work.

Given that this song was recorded over lockdown at home and produced by the members of the band themselves without the expensive gear of a studio or engineers/producers to assist them, its a clear and very well done recording, easily studio quality. 

Vocalist Will Skerratt forgoes the usual shy singing of an indie debut instead crooning freely and confidently, fitting the instrumental well and carrying the relatable lyrics through the song in an interesting manner.

The rest of the band, songwriter/guitarist Jamie Wilson, bassist Jude Smith and drummer Lewis Pinkerton lay down a chilled out, refreshing instrumental reminiscent of 90’s Radiohead, sometimes even dipping their toes into Travis or Elbow territory. 

The haunting, melancholy synths that enter towards the tracks ending are a particular high point. I am very much looking forward to the release of this track and to hear more from White Light.

Not My Style is released 13th September.

- Josh Palmer


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