Saturday, September 12, 2020

Songs to leave lockdown with...

Glass Animals - Heat Waves (Lyric video) - YouTube

Black Dog – Arlo Parks

Heat Waves – Glass Animals

My Future – Billie Eilish

Just A Phase – Two Another ft. Arno Faraji

As lockdown restrictions continue to be lifted and life goes back to the ‘new normal’, it’s a good time to find the complete soundtrack to vibe with while you walk over Clapham Common with your take away pint in hand, the sun winding down for another day over the perfectly placed trees, making for a rather Instagram worthy backdrop.

Lockdown already feels like a lifetime ago but let us not forget we did a very good, yet some would say reluctant, job at staying home and saving lives. This was a brand-spanking new experience for everyone with many different stages, and moods that accompanied us through the months where. we. didn’t. leave. the. house.

A song that connected with many during those times was Black Dog by Arlo Parks. A mellow yet promising song which I’m positive helped lift people’s moods, in an odd reverse kind of way considering the song is about helping a friend with a mental illness. Regardless of the background meaning, it’s a beautiful piece of music that everyone should hold onto when those lockdown nightmares start creeping back…

Moving into those first couple weeks in June where we heard the words “groups of six to meet”, Heat Waves by Glass Animals blasts on repeat with the lyrics sometimes all I think about is you, late nights in the middle of June proving pretty relevant right about now. With their album having come out in the first week of August, it’s definitely one to add to the playlist. Pubs have reopened, friendships have rekindled and you’re just grateful to be out again.

The job search continues, and you may literally go insane if you have to write your 371 st cover letter but you turn to Spotify’s Release Radar and boom. There it is. My Future by Billie Eillish, bringing pure joy and happiness to the ears while you can’t agree more when she purrs I’m in love with my future. Yes Billie, so am I. Now, where is my job? Starting off quite sombre and emo (classic Billie), it quickly makes a U-turn into this beautiful, vibey, jazzy MOOD. Its inspiring, its encouraging and it’s what we all needed. Thank you, Billie, you’ve pulled it out the bag once again.

Just A Phase by Two Another and Arno Faraii is the song I’ll leave you with to walk with your head held high, and soul filled with hope and inspiration while you look forward to better things. There’s not much to say about it, you’ll understand when you listen. Instantly it will lift any negative feels and will naturally set you up for the perfect day. You’re welcome.

- Mille Milne-Home


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