Thursday, September 24, 2020

Maxîmo Park – Child of the Flatlands

Maxîmo Park are back, at long last! Following the release of ‘Risk to Exit’ back in 2017, the band have made their long-awaited return, with their brand new single ‘Child of the Flatlands’. Originating from Newcastle, Maxîmo Park are an alternative rock band. For those who are unaware as to what to expect from the new releases, all you need to know is their first two studio albums went gold, with their debut album being nominated for a Mercury award. With over two years to themselves, grafting in the studio, I think it is fair to say we can be expecting something big. It has not been an easy ride for the band losing two members in quick succession, however, you can guarantee that the potential of a new album will be emotionally charged with intricately written lyrics.

Paul Smith, Maxîmo Park frontman, explains: “‘Child of the Flatlands’ is an affectionate look at both the psychic and physical edgelands of the town where I grew up, punctuated by snapshots of modern Britain as viewed from a distant hillside.” 

The melancholic vibes are evident throughout the song with the detailed lyrics of growing up in Britain, the nostalgic synths, and the heavily reverberated guitar solo. For the music video, Maxîmo Park recruited Greg Hodgson to create some distorted vision of youth. The aim was to create something that everyone could relate to. In a time of mass reflection and uncertainty, with very little to look forward to, Maxîmo Park’s new single will certainly allow the chance for people to sit back and reminisce about the good old days. 

‘Child on the Flatlands’ was hopefully a little tease of what is to come, but one thing for sure is that more new music from Maxîmo Park will certainly brighten up 2020 just that little bit extra.

- Ben Broyd


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