Sunday, September 27, 2020

Charli XCX – How I’m Feeling Right Now REVIEW

British electro-pop singer and songwriter, Charli XCX, released on 15 May 2020 her fourth studio album named How I’m Feeling Right Now. During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, she made the album from her home studio in Los Angeles in just five and a half weeks in collaboration with her fans.

The album is DIY and “indicative of the times we’re in” Charli explained. She hosted Zoom meetings with fans and posted updates from her bathroom. “It’s weird yelling into a mic while my boyfriend does a puzzle”.

Charli sings about love, loneliness, and solo partying during the pandemic. “I’m so bored, what / Wake up late and eat some cereal” is how the isolation-smasher “Anthems” starts. “In real life could the club even handle us?”; another mention of the pandemic life in “Pink Diamond”.

“7 years” and “I finally understand” are devoted to sincere love, pleasure, and romance. “Claws” is also a love song; “I love, I love, I love everything about you”, and “Forever”; “I love you forever, even when we’re not together”. Charli jokes “How do you express that you’re in love with someone 10 different times on an album without just sounding sycophantic?”. During the lockdown that she spent together with her boyfriend, she said they are the strongest they have ever been.

An electronic pop album – the signature sound of Charli XCX – that revives the techniques of the 90s eurotrance scene. Charli herself described the album as “Pop 2’s frantic emo younger sister”. “How I’m feeling right now” is all about expressing the confusion that everyone has been feeling during the pandemic, as well as Charli’s strengthened relationship. This experimental collection is also a reminder that even within hardships no one is ever truly on their own.

- Maria Peftouloglou

Instagram: @mariapeft

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