Thursday, August 20, 2020

The Cribs - Running Into You: Review

The Cribs – “Running Into You” - Stereogum

The Cribs announced and released Running Into You, their first new music since 2017’s

24-7 Rock Star Sh*t, in the same day, bursting back onto the scene as if they never left.

The track is an indie-grunge hybrid which would sound very at home in the 90’s,a style they have grown into since evolving from the slacker indie pop of their earlier albums and maturing with age. It quickly bursts into the powerful verse before launching into the catchy, sing-along chorus, a commonplace feature of their music and a skill they've always held.

The band themselves hail from Wakefield and released their eponymous debut in 2004 and continuing to release albums every few years since, with 2007’s “Men's Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever” being hailed as their masterpiece and 2009’s “Ignore The Ignorant” featuring Johnny Marr on guitar. 

Their innovative and unique sound resonated with the music scene earning them mass acclaim and a career outlasting most other contemporaries. I and many of their other fans are eagerly awaiting the new album, Night Network, after the single rekindled and reignited former love for the Wakefield 3 piece, which is released 13 November.

- Josh Palmer


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