Friday, August 28, 2020

Chappaqua Wrestling – new single, The Rift

Chappaqua Wrestling share new single 'The Rift' - listen | Gigwise | Gigwise

For fans of: No Hot Ashes, Bedroom/Boredom, Larkins, The Night Café

Having just released their third single of the year, it is safe to say that Manchester born band Chappaqua Wrestling know how to make a crowd pleaser. ‘The Rift’, being heavier than their other, more popular tracks, such as ‘Plant Trees’, shows the versatility of the group, while still sticking to their soft rock vibe. The new release pairs with their earlier singles out this year, ‘Early’ and ‘Football’, which both delve into the indie rock scene. With ‘Early’ coming out pre-pandemic there were high hopes of multiple gigs for them this year, including Live at Leeds which has been postponed to November. 

Fingers crossed that Live at Leeds still goes ahead; you can catch a Chappaqua Wrestling performance at one of the multiple venues across Leeds.

So, now it’s time to be nostalgic and talk about the years 2018/19, in which I saw the then three piece live for the first time. A three piece might make you think that their stage presence could be lacking, but even back in 2018 they had a certain energy that made you want to get up and dance along to their songs, even if, like me, you didn’t know them. So now, as a five piece, with two new members, the Manchester band projects even more energy. 

Having seen Chappaqua Wrestling as the support act, in Leeds, for The Night Café, and then again at Brudenell as part of 2019’s Live at Leeds I can speak from experience and say that they are definitely a feel-good band, with fans who care about them and their music. They also seem like a genuinely nice group of people, which is projected not only through their stage presence but also their chilled out, crowd pleasing tracks. 

From their formation in 2017 to the present day they have grown a considerable number of listeners and fans, they are definitely an upcoming band to watch in the next year or so and it will be exciting to see what music they release next.

- Meghan Glover

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