Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Black Honey's New Single: Beaches

For fans of: Anteros, the big moon, Sunflower Bean, Dream Wife.

There are very few followers of the indie music scene who have not heard of Black Honey, and with songs echoing the golden age of female voiced rock it is obvious why.

In recent years the popularity of the fourpiece has grown, and their potential in making it big in the industry had been made clear from singles as early as 2015. This is not forgetting their 2018 album which projected their retro rock vibes, in a compilation of their early singles, in songs such as Corrine and Madonna. With the band first coming to my attention through Live At Leeds, they have gone on to do a variety of gigs, including their amazing performance on the Festival Republic stage at Leeds Festival last year.

The Brighton indie rock band have once again proved that a modern band with an old-school twist is vital in keeping alive the indie scene in British music. Heavily doused in nostalgia, their new single Beaches does not stray from their retro rock feel. With lead singer and guitarist Izzy giving the band heavy Blondie vibes, with her Debbie Harry style voice, barriers are being broken between singles of the past and present with their new single Beaches. The upbeat melody of Beaches is perfectly complimented by Izzy’s voice, in a definite feel good, get up and groove track for what is left of the summer of 2020.

Black Honey have also recently been featured as the cover of the acclaimed Spotify playlist ‘The Indie List’, as well as their new single being added amongst big names such as Declan Mckenna and The Snuts. 

All in all, hinting at not only the growing popularity of the band, but at how Black Honey have once again proved their immense talent, and indie rock capabilities, in this new track. It is worth mentioning that they have released a ‘beach’ themed music video for their single Beaches, and at just 76K in one week, all pandemic things considered, Black Honey’s efforts at making a MV cannot be faulted. With the single itself having being streamed at just a little over 100,000 since being released, they are definitely the band to watch in the upcoming months.

- Meghan Glover

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