Thursday, November 14, 2019

Two Days In The Life: The Shambolics

Scottish hailing four piece up-and-coming rock band 'The Shambolics' are storming the music scene with their infectious lyrics, perfectly intertwined with euphoria inducing bass lines and punchy guitar riffs.

Their newest release 'Chasing a Disaster' peaked at number two in the vinyl charts the week of its debut, and it's not often that I find myself unable to escape from a song in my head - but then again, I rarely encounter lyrics as utterly consuming as those that embody the Sham's latest single.

For Fans Of: The Strypes, Oasis, The La's and The Beatles

To experience the lads in two different cities, two completely different atmospheres, generated by two utterly opposite crowds, made me appreciate how much the 'right' crowd can make a concert that much more thrilling, and it was the classic case of Scousers Vs Mancunians, and at risk of being disowned by my city, Liverpool won by a mile.


My Time Is Now
Never Gonna Change
Sandra Speed
Psychedelic Sandy
Love Collides
Chasing a Disaster
When She Goes Home

An 80's mod-looking rock band time warped to the 21st century to gift us on stage with nostalgia inducing melodies, married in perfect harmony to catchy lyrics and high energy riffs, giving an overall unforgettable experience, welcome to the world of The Shambolics.

Towards the end of their set, the boys blessed us with a holy rendition of Fleetwood Mac's 'The Chain', which propelled the crowd into a lyric spitting frenzy. Booze soaked garments clung onto flailing arms - the unfortunate, yet much expected, result of a pinball crowd and a loose grip on plastic cups.

Spending two nights experiencing The Shambolics live has left me wanting more from the Scottish Lads, and I don't doubt that their debut album will be an eagerly anticipated bombshell.

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